Indian Culture has always generated global interest from ancient period. Multi faceted and multi layered, it has constantly regenerated itself through the centuries. India is indeed a wonder. The past survives in India with change. The essence of Indian Culture is effectively carried forward. It has been perceived as a land of snake charmers, monkey tamers, naked fakirs, Rajas and Maharajas with fabulous wealth etc. It has also been perceived as a land of the poor, hungry and of blind faith.

In fact, it is a mixed bag. Variety is India’s hallmark; its language, literature, religious faith and festivals are indeed varied: yet there is an essential unity. India is a melting pot of people. Populace come from many parts of the world and has made it their own; the minority has not lost their identity rather a unique synthesis is the outcome. Indians are also the largest diaspora in the globe. For centuries, Indian culture has moved out of the mainland and has created new hues across the globe.

In the globalized world order, our youngsters are now globe trotters. They need to be rooted in our culture. They are indeed searching, re-discovering and reassessing the Indian Culture. Further, in the digitized world, India’s past and culture needs reassessment. Whether we face the challenge of losing our unique identity, our culture, and whether there is a fear stamping out the variety due to the force of technology, urbanization and globalization dominate the debate. The conference shall address all these concerns. It would provide a platform to discuss, debate, exchange ideas and viewpoints etc. leading to a better understanding of Indian culture, carrying forward the essence and securing its future.

The Conference will enable the researchers, scholars, academia, the culture sensitive communities of India and other countries and the youngsters in particular to appreciate, strengthen and reassess the Indian Culture. These words ‘past is our foundation, present is the material and future is the summit’ (Shri Aurobindo); ‘time is relative’ (Einstein) and ‘time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future and time future contained in time past’ (T. S. Eliot) inspire us to relook at past present and future of Indian Culture.


  • To promote the rich and diversified cultural heritage of India.
  • To deliberate the historical scenario and present issues related to Indian culture.
  • To strengthen cultural exchanges and retying the knots with SAARC countries.
  • To analyze the present policies and identification of new areas.

The conference will also be marked as part of the joint commemoration by India and Sri Lanka of the 2600th anniversary of the attainment of enlightenment by Lord Buddha.


  • To derive inputs from the deliberations and help the policymakers to focus on the strong fabric of Indian Culture and use them while developing different program and policies for the mass.
  • Creating an opportunity for the delegates to have a holistic understanding on rich cultural history and heritage of India and develop a sense of cultural identity in today’s global context.
  • Creating a platform for discussion on designing the right steps to preserve various components of history, culture and heritage for the future generation. It includes documentation, preservation and showcasing of the tangible cultural elements in digital form and platform.


  • Inaugural Ceremony
  • Valedictory Ceremony
  • The Plenary Sessions
  • Paper Reading Sessions
  • Cultural Evening
  • Sight Seeing
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